With Britemor® fluorescent penetrants we can offer you the optimum technology to perform a liquid penetrant testing (PT) under UV(A) light. The high quality of our non-destructive testing technologies and services can be found at numerous industries around the world.
The automotive and its component supplier market as well as the general industry and the energy market trust our Britemor® technology. Our Penetrant Testing (PT) product range has been customized to fulfill the requirements of diversified markets and hold major approvals such as AMS 2644.

Our technology portfolio:

  • Fluorescent / water-washable penetrants
  • Fluorescent / post-emulsifiable penetrants
  • Color-contrast penetrants
  • Penetrant removers
  • Developers

Industries Britemor® serve:

  • Automotive
  • Automotive Components
  • Energy Generation
  • General Industry