Ardrox® – Visible Dye Penetrant Systems.  Magnetic flaw inspection and detection with Ardrox non-destructive testing systems.
Ardrox® – Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) systems operate AS the world’s foremost name in non-destructive testing and fluorescent penetrant inspections.

Ardrox®, a well-established brand in the aeronautic industry. Quality paint and scale removers, exterior cleaners, gas turbine engine compressor cleaners.
Ardrox® products are broadly tested with materials for non-damaging or non-destructive testing (NDT), especially its scope of dye penetrant inspections (DP) or liquid penetrate inspections (LPI) and magnetic inks, for discovering surface imperfections or defects.
Ardrox® cover a wide range of treatment products for aircraft and the aviation industry like paint strippers, corrosion restraining compounds and short-term protective compounds for engines in manufacture, maintenance, repair and recondition.

Ardrox® Product Range:

  • Ardrox® cleaners
  • Ardrox® pretreatment
  • Ardrox® paint strippers
  • Ardrox® and Ardrox® AV corrosion protection
  • Ardrox® non-destructive testing (NDT)

Industries Ardrox® Serve:

  • Aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Aircraft and aero engines manufacturing

Ardrox® have been solving challenges in non-destructive material testing for more than 60 years.


Code Name Description Pack size
Y063S Ardrox 45 Water Based carrier fluid for 8540 25 Litre
Y058J Ardrox 5319 White background lacquer remover 10 x 400ml
Y058C 4 x 5 Litre
Y025C Ardrox 800/3 High sensitivity black magnetic ink 4 x 5 Litre
Y025J 10 x 400ml
Y064H Ardrox 8001 Black magnetic ink particles 25 kg
Y093F Ardrox 825Y Yellow Magnetic powder 10kg
Y093P 1kg
Y093S 25kg
Y026M Ardrox 8510 High sensitivity fluorescent magnetic ink powder 500g
Y056C Ardrox 8530 High sensitivity fluorescent magnetic ink (petroleum based) 4 x 5 Litre
Y056J 10 x 400ml
Y056S 25 Litre
Y077C Ardrox 8530CF Carrier Fluid for Ardrox 8530 4 x 5 Litre
Y008C Ardrox 8540 High sensitivity fluorescent magnetic ink (water based) 6 x 500 ml
Y094C Ardrox 8903W White background lacquer for visible MPI 4 x 5 Litre
Y094J 10 x 400ml
Y103J Ardrox 907PB Water washable red dye penetrant 10 x 400ml
Y103C 4 x 5 Litre
Y106S Ardrox 9704 Level 2 water washable fluorescent penetrant 25 litre
Y106J 10 x 400ml
Y029J Ardrox 970P24 Level 2 water washable fluorescent penetrant 10 x 400ml
Y029S 25 Litre
Y098S Ardrox 970P25 Level 3 water washable fluorescent penetrant 25 Litre
Y107S Ardrox 9812 Level 2 post-emulsifiable fluorescent penetrant 25 Litre
Y100S Ardrox 9813 Level 3 post-emulsifiable fluorescent penetrant 25 Litre
Y100J 10 x 400ml
Y108S Ardrox 9814 Level 4 post-emulsifiable fluorescent penetrant 25 Litre
Y101S Ardrox 9881 Emulsifier 25 Litre
Y104J Ardrox 996PB Solvent removable red dye penetrant 10 x 400ml
Y104C 4 x 5 Litre
Y033C Ardrox 9D1B Solvent based developer for visible and fluorescent penetrants 4 x 5 Litre
Y033J 10 x 400ml
Y052F Ardrox 9D4A Dry powder developer 3kg
Y035A Ardrox 9PR5 Solvent pre-cleaner / penetrant remover 230 Litre
Y035C 4 x 5 Litre
Y035J 10 x 400ml
Y066S Ardrox 9PR50A Penetrant remover for fluorescent and visible penetrants 25 Litre


Y011A Ardrox 1820 Cleaner, sanitizer, deodorizer 210 litre
Y011S 25 Litre
Y003S Ardrox 1823 Blue toilet sanitizer concentrate 25 Litre
Y001H Ardrox 185 Alkaline rust and scale remover 25 kg
Y014L Ardrox 1873A Descaler (multi-alloy) 1000L
Y014S 25 Litre
Y002S Ardrox 188 Scale and carbon removing aid 20 kg
Y005A Ardrox 1900B Heavy duty thixotropic multi-purpose cleaner 200 Litre
Y005S 25 Litre
Y017A Ardrox 2302 Heavy duty immersion paint remover 210 litre
Y017S 25 Litre
Y065A Ardrox 2302 SA Solvent Additive for Ardrox 2302 210 litre
Y065S 25 Litre
Y062S Ardrox 2302 Seal Oil seal for Ardrox 2302 25 Litre
Ardrox 2320 A Benzyl alcohol based immersion paint stripper 25 Litre
Ardrox 2320 B 25 Litre
Y019F Ardrox 3140 Corrosion inhibiting compound – long term protection 5 Litre
Y039A Ardrox 3705 Water based inhibitor for addition to rinse water tanks 210 litre
Y039S 25 litre
Y018A Ardrox 3961 Corrosion Inhibiting compound – temporary protection 200 Litre
Y018J 10 x 400ml
Y018S 25 Litre
Y059A Ardrox 552 Degreasing and cleaning solvent, low volatility 210 Litre
Y059S 25 Litre
Y021A Ardrox 6333 Low foam, alkaline general purpose cleaner – immersion 200 Litre
Y021S 25 Litre
Y023S Ardrox 6367 Gas path cleaner / compressor wash 25 Litre
Y075L Ardrox 6376 Immersion degreaser 1000 Litre
Y075A 210 Litre
Y075S 25 Litre
Y055A Ardrox 6465 200 Litre
Y055S 25 Litre
Y057S Ardrox 6471 Dry powder developer 25 Litre
Y009A Ardrox 666 Immersion carbon and paint remover 210 Litre
Y009L 1000 Litre
Y009S 25 Litre
Y073A Ardrox 666 SA Solvent additive for addition to Ardrox 666 210 Litre
Y073S 25 Litre


Y060C Ardrox AV 100D Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds 10 x 1 litre
Y060S 20 Litre
Y076C Ardrox AV 15 10 x 1 litre
Y076S 20 litre
Y051S Ardrox AV 25 20 litre
Y051C 10 x 1 litre
Y051J 12 x 400ml
Y049C Ardrox AV30 10 x 1 litre
Y049J 12 x 400 ml
Y049S 20 Litre
Y095C Ardrox AV40 10 x 1 litre
Y095S 20 Litre
Y048C Ardrox AV8 10 x 1 litre
Y048J 12 x 400 ml
Y048S 20 Litre
Y050S Ardrox AV980 CIC remover 20 Litre